Accessibility for people with special needs

Description of conditions for ensuring accessibility to people with special needs within the project

The project for the “XX International Conference on Technical Control of Dams TKZ2023” involves organization of an event in the form of a scientific conference.

The organizers (applicant) are committed to ensure accessibility for people with special needs within the project’s architectural, digital, information and communication scope.

The tasks within the project are carried out in accordance with the principle of the universal design based on eight following rules:
  1. Usability for people of various disabilities,
  2. Usage flexibility,
  3. Simple and intuitive use,
  4. Readable information,
  5. Mistake tolerance,
  6. Convenient use without effort,
  7. Size and space appropriate for access and use,
  8. Perception of equality.

I. Architectural accessibility Рthe conference is organized at the Diament Arsenal Palace Hotel Katowice Chorzów. The technical and architectural solutions of the hotel allow the conference participants to access all the rooms designated for the conference, without the need to overcome the architectural barriers:
  1. There are parking spaces for people with disabilities near the main entrance of the building.
  2. The entrance is equipped with a ramp for wheelchairs.
  3. The reception, conference room and hotel restaurant are on the ground floor.
  4. The building is equipped with a lift that allows access to higher floors, where the hotel rooms are located.
  5. The toilets in the building are adapted to the needs of the disabled.

II. Digital accessibility:
  1. The most important information about the project and the conference is posted and regularly updated on the conference website, in accordance with WCAG guidelines.
  2. The entire event will be transmitted live (via online streaming), with the possibility for active participation of people who cannot attend the conference in person for various reasons.

III. Information and communication accessibility:
  1. All the necessary information related to the conference will be provided at the reception desk, located on the hotel’s ground floor. There will be staff responsible to attend to all the special needs issues.
  2. In the hotel, there will be posters /signs with information regarding the conference meeting venue, conference reception, restaurant, lifts and toilets.
  3. Every conference participant will receive a detailed conference program with the information on the event location; part of the materials will be prepared with enlarged fonts.
  4. If necessary, the event organizers will provide a person with special needs with a support of a third party.

If people with special needs attend the project, the Organizers can apply the “MECHANISM OF REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS”, depending on the participant’s specific needs.

Source: APPENDIX No. 4 to the contract No. KONF/SN/0275/2023/1

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